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Mixture or Allegations


1.Gold is 20 times heavier than water and copper 9 times. In What ratio should these metals be mixed so that the mixture may be 15 times as heavy as water?

A. 06:05

B. 03:02

C. 05:01

D. 04:03

2.In 1 kg mixture of sand and iron, 20% is iron. How much sand should be added so that the proportion of iron becomes 10%

A. 1kg

B. 200gms

C. 270gms

D. 1.8kg

E. 4.5kg

3.A mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 3:2. If it contains 3 liters more spirit than water, the quantity of spirit in the mixture is: [SSC Grad. 2003]

A. 10 liters

B. 12 liters

C. 8 liters

D. 9 liters

4.The cost of variety 1 rice is 30 per kg and variety 2 rice is Rs. 40 per kg. If both variety 1 and 2 rice is Rs 40 per kg. if both variety1 and variety 2 are mixed in the ratio of 2:3, then the price per kg of the mixed variety of rice is

A. Rs. 36

B. Rs. 15

C. Rs. 60

D. Rs. 40

5.A jar contains a mixture of two liquids A and B in the ratio of 4:1. When 20liter of liquid B is poured into the jar, the ratio becomes 2:3. How many liters of liquid A were contained in the jar?

A. 16 liter

B. 4 liter

C. 20liter

D. 12liter

6.In what proportion must a grocer mix two tea, one priced Rs. 2.50 per cup and the Rs. 3 per cup. So that the mixtures may be worth Rs. 2.60 per cup?

A. 01:02

B. 01:03

C. 04:01

D. 02:01

7.In two alloys, copper and zinc are related in the ratios of 4:1and 1:3 10 kg of I st alloy, 16 kg of 2nd alloy and some of pure copper are melted together. An alloy was obtained in which the ratio of copper to zinc was 3:2. Find the weight of the new alloy.

A. 34 kg

B. 35 kg

C. 36 kg

D. 30 kg

8.Three vessels whose capacities are as 5:3:2 are completely filled with milk mixed with water. The ratio of milk and water in the mixture of vessels are as 3:2, 2:1 and 3:1 respectively. Find the percentage of water in the new mixture obtained when 1/3 rd of first, of second and 2/3 rd of the third vessels is taken out and mixed together.[Bank 2008]

A. 66.66%

B. 50%

C. 16.66%

D. 33.33%

9.A merchant has 2000kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 16% profit and the rest at 36% profit. He gains 28% on the whole. The quantity sold at 36% profit is:

A. 3200kg

B. 1200kg

C. 600kg

D. 2000kg

E. none of these

10.Three vessels contain equal mixtures of milk and water in the ratio 6:1, 5:2 and 3:1 respectively if all the solutions are mixed together, the ratio of milk to water in the final mixture will be:[LIC 2007]

A. 64 : 65

B. 65 : 64

C. 19 : 65

D. 65 : 19