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1.‘Telegraphic code’ was introduced by

A. Samuel Morse

B. Cockerell

C. Lipman

D. None of the above

2.When was the transistor invented?

A. 1947

B. 1920

C. 1919

D. None of the above

3.Blaise Pascal is associated with

A. Calculating machine

B. Computers

C. Cinema

D. None of these

4.Who produced the first automobile?

A. Gottleib Daimler

B. Henry Ford

C. Rudolf Diesel

D. Karl Benz

5.Who invented the electronic computer?

A. Eckert & Mauchly

B. Charles Babbage

C. James Prescott

D. Max Planck

6.Penicillin was invented by

A. Dr. Jonas E. Salk

B. Gregory Mendel

C. Paul Ehrlich

D. A. Fleming

7.Who discovered Plastic?

A. William Blakeland

B. Leo Hendrik Blakeland

C. Nicholos Votto

D. Lavoiseur

8.Who discovered circulation of blood in the human body?

A. Edward Jenner

B. Joseph Lister

C. William Harvey

D. None of the above

9.Who invented the pneumatic tyre?

A. Shockley

B. Pascal

C. Dunlop

D. Waterman

10.What was discovered by Alfred Nobel’s father?

A. Plywood

B. Dynamite

C. Caustic Soda

D. Alum

11.Wright Brothers are regarded inventors of the

A. Balloon

B. Bicycle

C. Aeroplane

D. None of above

12.The electron was first identified by

A. J.J.Thompson

B. J. Kepler

C. D.Rutherford

D. James Chadwick

13.Logarithm tables was invented by

A. John Napier

B. John Doe

C. John Harrison

D. John Douglas

14.Who invented LSD?

A. Hoffman

B. Elmer Vernar McCollum

C. Michael de Bakey

D. None of the above

15.Who invented the steam locomotive?

A. Edison

B. Richard Trevithick

C. J.R.D Tata

D. Alexander